Hurry, Norwegian Has Flights to Europe for $99

You've probably caught wind of impeccably cheap flight deals to Europe this summer, with massively discounted airfare springing up all over the country. And lucky for you, the barrage of deals keeps getting better: a new sale from Norwegian promisesdirect, one-way flights for as little as $99 to destinations in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the French Caribbean, and select cities in western Europe. Suddenly, your dreams of a constant vacation should seem way less frivolous. 

Summer flash sales are a routine fixture of the vacation season, but thanks to Norwegian's sale, the opportunity to seize discounted tickets continues well into this autumn. If you're flying out of New York or Boston in the tail-end of summer or during the fall, fares sink to $99 for one-way tickets to various cities in the United Kingdom and Bergen, Norway. Floridians would also be wise to check out the flurry of deals of available across the state's airports, with direct, one-way tickets to Paris available for $175 from September to November. 

Oh yeah, and there's also the astonishingly low fare of $79 to Guadeloupe and Martinique in the French Caribbean, meaning you can probably splurge on that fabled resort hotel you've always been so curious about. 

And it isn't just the East Coast benefiting from all the price slashing, as the carrier is offering cheap direct flights from Las Vegas to Scandinavia as well. You can take a direct flight from Vegas to Oslo for $169 in late October, or jaunt over to Stockholm instead for $30 more in November. Select flights from Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, and Denver have also been subjected to pretty generous discounts, too. 

So feel free to tinker around with Norwegian's price-finding tool to see what deals are available in your area. But then again, it's probably just a matter of time before the next enticing deal comes around. 

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