Ditch Your Clothes and Get a Drink at These Events

Nothing On Events wants to give everyone the chance to enjoy a night at the pub in the buff.


Nothing On Events wants to make being naked at your favorite pub a regular thing. And not naked in the sense of "I have had more than my fair share of shots, and now I am going to make the rest of the patrons in this bar uncomfortable by taking my shirt off and belting out a bad rendition of a BackStreet Boys song." No, Nothing On wants adults who spend time naked in a safe and consensual way to have the opportunity to do it.

The company is advertising itself as a business that wants to "normalize naturism," and "allow people to have new experiences in safe, non-sexual social nudity but also provide more opportunities for seasoned naturists to do what everybody else takes for granted, except doing it in the nude," according to the website.

The company's first event on March 26 was at a small pub in Surrey, England. It was a clothing-free situation, and it is likely to be one of many. The event website offers four different types of events, Food & Dining, Art, Social, and Tours, so there will be opportunities to experience not just pubs but also other types of events in the buff.

The next event is scheduled for April 23, but if you are curious about attending this sort of event (a nude one), don't worry! The 41-year-old founder of the company, Adam Ford, blogged about the first event, which had 21 people in attendance.

Ford is a naturist, which is the British terminology for "nudist." According to one report in 2017, an estimated 3.5 million naturists live in the UK. If there are even half that many, it is likely that Ford will have plenty of interested customers for his upcoming art and food events in April and May.

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