The Best (and Worst) Snacks to Eat on a Road Trip

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Welcome to Snack Talk, Thrillist’s brand-new YouTube series that’s literally all about snacks -- the ones we love, the ones we hate, and the ones we all end up eating anyway. Join host Justin Warner and celebrity guests as they dive deep into the world of cheese dust with new episodes every Friday at 2pm ET on Thrillist’s YouTube channel.

Many amazing talk shows have come and gone over the decades, from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, to Colbert, to something called Sex Court, which I just found while Googling “worst talk shows ever.” And yet, somehow, despite being captained by the brightest minds in the business, NONE OF THESE SHOWS HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY ABOUT SNACKS.

Until now.

Today, we introduce our brand-new weekly series Snack Talk. Host Justin Warner -- chef, author, winner of Food Network Star, and Five Guys secret menu creator -- and celebrity guests will take the audience deeper than ever possibly imagined into the world of the snacks we love, and hate, and sometimes can’t quite agree on.

Huge questions will be posed. Questions like: What comes out on top in a Halloween candy fantasy draft? Is a hot dog a snack? Why are Pringles like that? And answers? Ohhh, they will be delivered.

For our first episode, we’re starting with a big one: What’s the best road trip snack of all time? So we got a man who’s been on a million tour buses and, more importantly, is best friends with famous astronaut Lance Bass: ’N Sync’s Joey Fatone. It might be Combos. It might be sunflower seeds. It’s definitely important. And that’s why Snack Talk is here. 

Tune in every Friday throughout Season 1 through the end of 2017, and please: bring snacks.

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