Nutella Discount Sparks Insane ‘Nutella Riots’ in French Supermarkets

In scenes reminiscent of Braveheart, only much more French, supermarkets throughout France played host to customers fighting over heavily discounted Nutella on Thursday. The episodes were similar to the Black Friday skirmishes you might see at a suburban Walmart, only the pandemonium centered around spreadable chocolate, which is probably the Frenchest thing ever. 

Video from various branches of Intermarche supermarkets show people scrambling for the tubs of Nutella, which were marked down by 70%, according to CNN.

This is what the chocolate panic looked like, as observed by dutiful news organizations:

An employee at one market in Metz said 200 people were lined up outside before the store opened. Another worker in the Northeast city of Forbach described the scene in strange, carnal terms: "People just rushed in, shoving everyone, breaking things. It was like an orgy," the person said. 

Intermarche hadn't expected demand to skyrocket when it lowered the price of Nutella from €4.50 ($5.60) to €1.41 ($1.75). But, uh, it did: a store in Montaison sold 700 units in under an hour, while another in Le Progres sold three months-worth of the stuff as the chaos ensued. 

According to reports, a fight broke out at a branch in Otstricourt, but the unrest was quickly calmed after the cops showed up. To reiterate: the police were called to quell borderline riots over Nutella. 

Vive la France.

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