These Dudes Seriously Underestimated an Octopus They Caught

Octopuses are very smart. They solve problems and respond to drugs a bit like humans. One study even suggested that individual octopuses display signs of distinct personalities. So, if you're going to try to catch an octopus, it would be wise to not underestimate their intelligence.

In a video originally posted on October 17, two fishermen off the coast of Massa, Italy catch an octopus. It's not clear if that was their goal, but they seem pleased and certainly decided to keep the cephalopod. Unfortunately for them, they left the lid of their boat's livewell, a box filled with water to store live fish, wide open. 

While the fishermen were preoccupied with getting a bite to eat, the octopus worked its way out of the livewell and back into the sea because you can't keep a good octopus down.

The reaction of the fishermen when they finally discover the octopus has escaped is wonderful. There's no second guessing what happened. They instantly know they've made a mistake.

They'd do well to remember that the octopus is an exceptional creature. Though, after this encounter, they probably won't make that same mistake again.

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