IT Nerds Are Most Likely to Have Sex at the Office Christmas Party

The fact that people are doing the dirty at the office holiday party isn't news, but that people in the IT and HR department are the most likely to get it on... well, that's just shocking.

According to a survey of 2,000 UK adults by Ann Summers, 39% of all workers are getting down at the office Christmas party. When the results were broken down by department, IT computer nerds came out on top. Well, actually, no one knows what position they were in, but they were having the most sex, with 63% admitting to doing the deed. HR came in second, with 56% reporting getting sexual with their human relations. So much for those seminars.

Every department was ranked by how much they generally misbehave at holiday parties. The ranking took into account basic sexual stuff and anything deemed too "indecent" for the office.

Remember it's not a party if the tie is not around your head.

Professions Ranked By Their Inappropriate Office Christmas Party Shenanigans

10. Education
9. Health
8. Business administration
7. Sales
6. Media and marketing
5. Finance
4. Transport and logistics
3. HR
2. Legal
1. IT

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