Office Hero Removes Wild Snake From Coworker’s Desk Like It's Nothing

Snakes, like oxygen, are just a way of life in Australia, where folks seem to discover them everywhere, from homes in the suburbs to mystery boxes passing through customs. The latest slithering encounter occurred in the least likely of places: the edit suite of a TV station's newsroom.

The snake's removal -- assisted with the help of the station's fearless program manager -- was captured on video tweeted out by Kate Limon, news director at the station. While another co-worker comments off-camera about how large the snake looks, a woman dives right in with what appears to be a distorted coat hanger. She uses it as makeshift snake handling stick and coaxes the reptile out from behind a desktop speaker and a pair monitors, before attempting to wrestle it into a shopping bag.

The video cuts off before the team eventually managed to get it into bag, but soon after, they released it outside. Interviewed after the fact, Limon talked up the co-worker responsible for the snake's removal to the local newspaper NT News:

"She lives on a property and wasn't scared at all. In her bloody floral dress and heels — she put us all to shame," she said.

The incident also prompted a (mostly) friendly barbed exchange between the two news organizations on Twitter, following Limon's snarky initial tweet:

h/t Mashable

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