The Official 'Emily in Paris' Tour Is Here and It's Called Paris by Emily

The curated trips include everything from a pain au chocolat making class to French flirting lessons.

If Netflix's Emily in Paris has given you an insatiable amount of wanderlust for Paris, but the idea of planning a trip that will measure up to the show seems too daunting, there's a new tour just for you. Dharma, a travel company, is offering its first Emily in Paris tour next spring. Paris by Emily is an officially licensed experience, too—meaning the trip will be the closest thing you can get to living out the show as you can get.

The first Paris by Emily trip will take place between April 17 and 24, 2024. The five-day itinerary will include a balance of "adventure, fashion, gastronomy, cultural exchange and [the chance to] explore the hidden gems of the iconic French metropolis," according to the Dharma website.

The trip will start at $3,601, and will be hosted by Ines Tazi, who has been on a few of Netflix's reality shows and has 650,000 followers on Instagram. Guests on the trip will stay at Hotel Des Grandes Ecoles, in the city's Latin Quarter.

"Series like Emily in Paris make you wish there was a 'Book This Trip' button at the end of every episode. That's the opportunity ahead and the kind of transformational travel so many of us seek," Charaf El Mansouri, CEO of Dharma, told Skift of the new tour.

In total, the price for the tour will include breakfast, four nights of hotel accommodation, two dinners, four aperitif, a French lesson, a photography masterclass, a fashion excursion curated by the show's head costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, a pain au chocolat making class, stops at filming locations, and a masterclass on "the art of French flirting." It won't include flights, additional meals, some other optional activities, or travel insurance. A visit with a "surprise guest, influencer and fashion specialist for a museum tour" has also been teased.

The trip seems to be designed to be a bit more affordable; there are options to pay for the trips in four installments. The entirety of the balance will be due in February 2024. There are also options to share a room with another person traveling solo on the trip, for those interested in saving a bit more on the ticket price.

You can explore the whole trip over at

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