This Officiant Threw Up in the Middle of Wedding Vows

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Like rain on your wedding day or a black fly in your chardonnay, this is some garbage luck. It's really bad, unexpected, and unforgettable bad luck. (And fair warning, the video is a little gross.)

A couple was recently in the middle of their wedding vows on what looks like a lovely day when the officiant began to look a little pallid. Maybe there were drinks the night before or maybe it's just ridiculous timing for a stomach bug, but the officiant turns and lets loose a horrifying geyser of vomit in the middle of the ceremony.

It's unfortunate. There are no winners in this situation. However, kudos to the bride who took a quick look at the officiant on the ground then turned back to the groom and kept going like nothing happened. That's some cold, calm efficiency. Don't let anything stop the wedding from going (mostly) as planned.

Hopefully, the officiant was okay and the rest of the wedding went off with no further instances of projectile vomiting. On the upside, at least no one broke out in crazy hives or got into a screaming match.

h/t Mashable

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