This Brewery Is Switching Things Up with a Tropical IPA for Fall

It's a refreshing break from pumpkin- and apple-flavored brews.

Wanting to add to your beverage rotation as we head into the colder months? Offshoot Beer Co. has you covered with a new seasonal beer. The Pathways Experimental Hazy IPA is available on shelves nationwide now.

The IPA has peach skin, creamy citrus, ripe pineapple, and fresh coconut aromas, and a 7% ABV. It tastes tropical, like a piña colada, an orange peel, a tangerine, and a grapefruit with "just a hint of freshly-cut grass." Offshoot teamed up with Yakima Chief Hops to use its Cryo Pop hops, which undergo a special hop processing that supposedly intensifies the tasting experience. 

The hop is separated into two different components called the bracht, which is the leafy outer portion of the hop, and the concentrated lupulin, which is the interior resins and oils of the hop. The latter portion is what creates the aromatic scents which make it stand out from other IPAs. Science really is cool, especially when used to brew exceptional beer. 

"Pathways was brewed with wheat and rolled oats for a soft, creamy mouthfeel. The Cryo method removes a lot of the vegetal characteristics from the hops, leaving us with a fruit-forward beer that packs a citrus punch," Production Manager for The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co. Stefan Weber said in a press release.

Head to Offshoot Beer Co.'s website to find out where you can get this fruity, creamy IPA. In California, Nevada, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, North Dakota, Ohio, and New Hampshire, you can get it and other products from Offshoot delivered right to your door.

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