Oklahoma Man Steals Doritos Truck, Leads Police on a 100-Mile Chase

No people or chips were harmed.

Usually when people steal things, their plan involves not getting caught. Strangely, that wasn't the case with one Oklahoma man who took off with a massive Doritos truck and promptly found himself being trailed by police.

According to the Enid Police Department, 34-year-old Joshua Karpe saw an unattended Frito-Lay truck at a gas station in Oklahoma City and allegedly decided that, hey, why not take it for a spin? It's unclear why Karpe thought driving off in a truck with a giant Doritos picture would work out in his favor, but it seems he may not have been thinking that far ahead.

As the thief pulled out of the gas station, the Frito-Lay driver tried to stop him, to no avail. For obvious reasons, the police found and followed the Doritos truck, but what they probably didn't expect is that Karpe wasn't ready to give up the chips just yet. What ensued was an hour-long police chase that spanned three counties and nearly 100 miles.

Eventually, the Frito-Lay truck's tires went flat and put an end to the journey. Police ordered Karpe to exit the vehicle, he complied, and was taken to a jail in Oklahoma City.

"I would love to know the motivation of stealing a truck that's very, very easy to spot and doesn't go very fast," said Captain Jeff Spruill of the Oklahoma City Police Department, to KFOR. "What do you think you're going to do with a truck like that?"

Karpe's motivation for the theft is unknown, but he seems to have at least gotten a good joyride out of it. One police vehicle was side-swiped in the incident, but no people or chips were harmed.

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