Old Man Finds Car 20 Years After Losing it in Parking Garage

The bane of your typical trip to the mall, parking garages seem to swallow your car whole, making it impossible to remember where you parked. Getting lost at the Mall of America is one thing, but the vast parking lot might as well be the Bermuda Triangle for minivans. 

One man in Germany however, didn't exactly lose his car; he just had to wait 20 years to find it after parking it in a large industrial lot. According to the Irish Times, the 76-year-old man reported his car missing to the Frankfurt police in 1997, the same year that Titanic and Starship Troopers were major commercial successes. Authorities only found the wayward vehicle because the lot, housed in an old industrial building, was due to be demolished. 

Officials summoned the old man to come pick up the car, which had fallen into a state of disrepair, owing to its many lonely nights trapped in a desolate parking lot, collecting dust. As the German paper Augsberger Allgemein reports, the car couldn't be driven home, even after waiting for the fateful reunion for two decades. 

The morale of the story: huge parking lots might seem like a mirage, but certainly don't wait 20 years to call a search party. Even if you have amnesia. 

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