This Distillery Is Making an Absinthe Seltzer

Oldknow has unveiled a ready-to-drink absinthe seltzer.

Absinthe hard seltzer
Photo courtesy of Oldknow Bev co.

Look, we all know that hard seltzer has simultaneously jumped the shark and is not going away. It’s still refreshing to have a seltzer on a hot day. You can acknowledge that while simultaneously feeling like maybe we don’t need 40 versions of a mango hard seltzer.

While Rocket Pop flavored hard seltzer exists, there are still, miraculously, hard seltzer flavors that make sense and haven’t hit shelves. Oldknow Bev Co. has just announced what it claims is the first absinthe-based seltzer in the US. It’s called Verte Absinthe Spirited Seltzer, and it’s available now.

The unique and effervescent seltzer gets its color from fresh herbs, according to the company, bringing a seltzer and distinctive spirit together for a drink that will not remind you of a White Claw.

"We are both artists and absinthe has always been the spirit of artists," says Oldknow co-owner Ryan Warner Wood. "It is one of the greatest spirits of all time with herbs at its core. We wanted to create something magical that highlights the notes and nuisances of anise and fennel in this unique spirit."

Despite the sometimes odd perception of absinthe this comes in with a relatively low ABV. Each can has just a 5% ABV, making it a rare instance where you might say absinthe and sessionable in the same sentence. 

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