Olive Garden Just Turned Lasagna Into Cheesy Dip You Eat With Pasta Chips

Courtesy of Olive Garden

Though a bowl of spaghetti is going to satisfy no matter what, Olive Garden has been experimenting lately. Consider the Fried Pasta Nachos it introduced back around Super Bowl season. However you feel about that from an ethical standpoint, you have to admit it showed moxie. And now there's a new entry into the vanguard of pasta-rearranged-into-other-food. 

In short, Olive Garden is unleashing Lasagna Dip. When you hear it, though you may never have considered it before, it totally makes sense. The appetizer features multiple layers of cheese and meat sauce, baked and topped with smoked mozzarella. And you'll be shoveling this into your body with pasta chips, which come complete with parmesan cheese and garlic salt. Eating this is going to be an undertaking, but we believe in you. 

Unfortunately, Lasanga Dip won't be here to stay. It'll start tempting you on menus near you until January 27, 2019, but that's a lot of time, so take heart (and bring along something for the heartburn). The dish will start at $7.99 and serves four to six people, and you can also get it as part of a catering order, which'll be good for football Sundays. Or a book club or something. Lasagna Dip is appropriate for most occasions. 

It's honestly the appetizer for your lasagna entree. 

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