Olympic Athletes You Should Follow on TikTok for Behind-the-Scenes in Tokyo

Someone make Ilona Maher the mayor of the Olympic Village STAT.

NBC has done a good job keeping us entertained with 24/7 Olympics coverage—be it live streams, prime time rebroadcasts, and behind-the-scenes looks in Tokyo. But what happens when the day is done and athletes head back to their cardboard beds for a little R&R, you ask? Well, they hop on TikTok. 

The globe's greatest competitors have taken to the video sharing platform to give viewers a little inside glimpse at life in the Olympic Village. Here's a handy list of some of the athletes you should be following. 

Team USA rugby player and bucket hat enthusiast (she's been sporting a recognizable red, white, and blue tie dye version since arriving in the village), Ilona Maher, has been churning out a near-constant stream of content since arriving in Tokyo. Catch her food reviewssponsored Ralph Lauren and Nike swag try-ons, and quest to find a "tall foreign demigod olympian," among plenty of other behind-the-scenes action. 

Between nabbing a gold in the women's gymnastics all-aroundand a silver in the team competition, Suni Lee has been posting her best Olympics looks, which now include some serious new accessories. 

Team USA diver and part-time Simone Biles stan (you know, just like the rest of us) has been taking part in plenty of TikTok trends. Including that very niche Olympics one: testing the durability of those cardboard beds.

British sprinter Laviai Nielsen has been keeping fans up to date on the self-isolation period prior to entering the Olympic Village and COVID-19 testing process while sprinkling in some timely content—like that In the Heights-inspired trend where Nielsen shared some real tea with her teammates. Any lip-readers out there? 

Filipino swimmer Remedy Rule, aka @be.the.remedy, kicked off her Olympics content with a full tour of their village suite. In later videos, you can find her jumping on the cardboard bed, which seems to be a trend in its own right, and filming right from the Olympic pool—while in it.

Is it just a coincidence that rugby stars also happen to crush it on TikTok, because we're sensing a theme here. Team Great Britain olympian Abi Burton has got the perfect mix of sneak peaks (follow along for her first training day in Tokyo) and fun shenanigans (like her Madagascar dance with teammates). 

Three-time Olympic fencer Courtney Hurley has gotten real about the struggles, including some tough losses, the end of her run in Tokyo, and disdain with the dining hall. 

Thirteen-year-old (yep, you read that age right) Olympic skateboarder Sky Brown has got moves off the ramp as well. In addition to her Olympic Village sneak peaks, the athlete has taken to TikTok with plenty of popularized routines—and even enlisted fellow Olympian Kanoa Igarashi. 

Need more USA Gymnastics in your life? Look no further than Jordan Chiles. You'll get her Olympic Village vlogs, some pre-event shenanigans, and plenty of guest appearances from fellow team members like Simone Biles and Suni Lee.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.