These Are the U.S. States That Have Won the Most Olympic Medals at the Winter Games

Take a look at which US states have won the most medals at the Winter Olympics.

most olympic medals by state
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There are a lot of ways the Olympics can be judged. Sportsmanship. Individual medals. The medal count between countries.

Less familiar is putting the medal count between states in the US. pulled together data to pit all 50 states against each other in their Winter Olympic medal count. You can see the results in the map below. Minnesota came out on top in the final tally, piling up 92 total medals. It also had the most gold medals at 34.

Massachusetts and New York were also notable in that final ranking. Each won medals in 18 of 23 Winter Games, the most of any state. 

states with most olympic medals
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The number of medals collected by Minnesotan athletes is impressive. Though, it's not entirely surprising since it's a wintry state and has produced many US national hockey team players. (Massachusetts isn't far behind, though.)  That's especially important for the women's team, which has regularly grabbed gold or silver in recent Olympic competitions. The men have not historically faired as well as the women's team.

Here are the ten states with the most Winter Olympics medals. 
1. Minnesota: 92
2. New York: 90
2. Massachusetts: 90
4. California: 51
5. Illinois: 45
6. Michigan: 40
7. Wisconsin: 35
8. Connecticut: 24
9. Washington: 19
10. New Hampshire: 17

The Opening Ceremony for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China arrives on February 4. Those counts will be changing some before the Olympics conclude on February 20. Maybe Massachusetts and New York, with 90 medals each, will even attempt to give Minnesota a run for its money. 

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