Olympic Skater Takes Out Cameraman Who Captured the Whole Thing

The cameraman never stopped filming, even as he tried to catch his breath.

Even Olympic skaters fall down sometimes. And occasionally, they take a cameraman down with them. At least that's what happened to Australia's Kieran Woolley, who collided with a man filming the Olympic qualifying event for TV, sending him tumbling backward. It's not the crash itself that people are talking about, though. It's how the cameraman handled the whole thing.

Woolley, 17, and the cameraman collided after the Aussie skater landed a rail grind during a preliminary event. He knocked the cameraman down and hit him in the chest. Woolley managed to stay on his board and the cameraman was able to keep filming, capturing the whole accident from his perspective.

After everything was said and done, Woolley came to check on the cameraman he hit. He quickly sat up and gave a thumbs up, showing that he was doing just fine. The pair exchanged a fist bump and the games continued. It appeared, from replays of the event, that the athlete didn't see the cameraman, who was standing right in front of him. By the time he spotted him, there was nothing he could do to stop the crash.

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The crash happened after Woolley's final trick, so it didn't affect his score or his pursuit of Olympic gold. The Australia native scored 82.69 and qualified for the final, which he went on to place fifth in. Woolley may not have skated away with a gold medal, but he did wind up with a memory no one will soon forget. Especially the cameraman he collided with.

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