Adam Rippon and Leslie Jones Teamed Up to Give Us the Best Commentary of the Olympics

American figure skater Adam Rippon and Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones are easily among the 2018 Winter Olympics' greatest heroes. They've been a hype-generating super-duo, with Rippon's brutally honest takes about condoms making headlines as Jones furiously tweets about figure skating outfits. So when they joined forces to commentate on Olympic figure skating on this week in PyeongChang, it was expected that there'd be jokes. 

Rippon joined Jones in the NBC broadcasting studio, where they sat down to watch Canadian figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's short dance. Virtue and Moir's routine was, defined in less explicit terms, racy, fueling speculation that the team might be romantically involved. This only added fodder for Jones and Rippon, who watched the gold-medal winning performance in awe. 

"Every outfit she's put on, I want to wear to the club," Jones' said of Virtue's wardrobe. 

"When I watch her, sometimes I can feel like, my hair growing," Rippon marveled. 

As the repartee continued, Jones' noted: "She just makes me feel like a woman." 

The skaters' moves were sultry, prompting Jones to quip: "Are they dating? Yeah, they date. There's no way you can do that together and not date. They've done kissed each other at least once." Indeed, Virtue and Moir's routine has prompted a surge of speculation surrounding their romantic situation, with, uh, even some erotic fan-fic springing up in the wake of their performance. 

Despite taking part in some scintillating commentary, Rippon recently declined NBC's offer to become an Olympics correspondent for the duration of the Games. With the competition behind him after helping the USA clinch bronze in the team figure skating event, we will have to remain content with memories of Rippon's interviews and tweets, such as this timeless classic: 

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