An Olympics Cameraman Cut to a Cockroach in the Final Minutes of a Match

That was an... interesting choice.


The Summer Olympics in Tokyo have delivered no shortage of memorable moments, including surprise proposalsF-bombs, and even finish line barfs—not to mention all of the triumphant wins, displays of national pride, and heartwarming teamwork. And now, you can add a celebrity cockroach to the list.

Olympics viewers were left scratching their heads when a roach stole the show during a recent preliminary field hockey game earlier this week. The creepy crawly creature made its on-camera debut in the last five minutes of a match between the Argentinian and Spanish women's teams. Argentina held a 1-0 lead over Spain, and was preparing to seal its Olympic fate, when the camera suddenly cut to the roach crawling on a ledge in the event venue. The camera stayed on the insect as it scurried away, leaving viewers at home aghast.

If you missed it the first time, you can see the now-famous cockroach in all its glory on NBC's recap of the game. 

A strange decision indeed. The cameraman's decision hasn't been explained, but it's important to note that no action was missed in favor of filming the bug. The cockroach was shot while a replay was airing, and only took up a few seconds of airtime before the action resumed.

Although viewers were distracted by the roach, it didn't derail Argentina one bit. The women's field hockey team went on to win 3-0 and the public got the gift of a viral Olympic moment. It's a win for everyone, really. Everyone except Spain, this is.

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