Rio 2016

22 Photos That Show How the Olympics Changed in 100 Years

The 2016 Olympic Games came and went -- what, you didn't realize they were over? Must be nice to check out of the Internet and all media for two days.

Regardless, as time passes, we look back fondly on the memories cast in gold, the celebrations etched into our memories, and the blunders that live on in infamy. But before we look toward future iterations of the quadrennial (biennial if you count winter and summer) games, take a moment to consider where the modern Olympics began and where they've leapt to in just over 100 years.

In this photo set posted on reddit, one user compares the attire, settings, and context of the Olympics at the turn of the 20th century and today. Things look quite a bit different in Athens of 1896 and Rio of 2016 -- really, it's black-and-white vs. technicolor in so many ways.

Gymnastics in 1908

Gymnastics in 2016

Archery in 1908

Archery in 2016

Medal ceremony in 1896

Medal ceremony in 2016

Olympic Stadium in 1896

Olympic Stadium in 2016

Swimming in 1908

Diving in 2016

Equestrian events in 1900

Equestrian events in 2016

The IOC in 1896

The IOC in 2016

Tennis players in 1900

Tennis players in 2016

Hurdlers in 1908

Hurdlers in 2016

Opening ceremonies in 1908

Opening ceremonies in 2016

Olympic mascots in 1932

Olympic mascots in 2016