Richard Branson Just Flew to Space, and You Can Win 2 Tickets for the Same Trip

Travel like a billionaire for free.

David McNew/Getty Images

Richard Branson is back from his journey to space. His mission marked one small step for mankind and one giant leap for the extremely wealthy. While many are saying that space travel is the wave of the future, cost-wise, it's currently not very attainable for the average person.

That is, until now. Omaze, an American for-profit fundraising company, is giving away two tickets for a commercial flight on the VSS Unity—the very same space plane that launched the Virgin Galactic founder to the edge of space and back.

While tickets aboard the spacecraft will eventually go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, one lucky winner can snag two seats on one of its upcoming voyages, traveling to space like a billionaire without spending much money at all.

The winner will get to experience weightlessness and take in views of Earth like they've never seen before. They'll also be flown out to Spaceport America in New Mexico, from which the space plane will launch, get put up in a hotel there, and join Branson himself for a VIP tour of it all.

Only one winner will be selected, but they'll be able to bring a friend along. The person selected and their guest will be among the first average Joes to travel on a space plane. To be entered to win, visit Omaze's fundraising page and select a donation amount (so no, the trip isn't completely free). Donating $5 gets you 50 entries, $10 gets you 100, $25 gets you 250, $50 gets you 1,000 and $100 gets you 2,000 entries. Anyone from around the world can enter, they just have to be at least 18 years old.

Donations go toward Space for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that aims to send citizen astronauts from all walks of life to space. Even if you don't win, you can feel good about supporting that. You have until August 31 to enter. The winner will be announced around September 29 and the experience is set to take place at the beginning of 2022.

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