The Funniest Sketch from SNL This Week Didn't Air... Until Now

While everyone was freaking out about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler gloriously reprising their roles as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton on "SNL" over the weekend, it appears that another funny sketch was completely overlooked, and was even cut from the live broadcast on Saturday night because of time. But luckily, NBC shared the clip on YouTube on Tuesday, featuring Poehler and Kyle Mooney.

The duo play siblings who are locked in a room and left to  resolve their hate for each other through a series of awkward and hilarious exchanges -- before they can open presents and celebrate Christmas with their rapidly (for lack of a better word) dying grandma. The scene culminates with the brother and sister slowly reaching an agreement that they don't think each other are so bad after all, but what about grandma? While the sketch uses a different and slightly different kind of humor, it's some of the episode's best. Well, probably after the Hillary Clinton skit.

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