Oreo Brings Back a Favorite Flavor, Introduces New Cookie

We appreciate the variety.

The holidays are always full of cheer and wonder. One of my favorite parts is all the limited-edition food drops. Knowing that there are very specific things you can only get during the holiday season makes everything feel a little more special. Oreo followed suit this year by bringing back the Limited-edition Gingerbread flavored Oreo. The cookie brand also upgraded Oreo Thins to include a double stuffed variety.

The new Gingerbread flavored Oreo features gingerbread flavored Oreo wafers and original Oreo creme with crunchy sugar crystals and comes in five festive designs. For fans who aren’t all about the creme, Oreo has you covered in the New Year with its new Oreo Thins Extra Stuffed cookies. Yep! This is for all of you who regularly debate the creme to cookie ratio.

Fans can find Gingerbread flavored Oreos at retailers nationwide. The cookies are limited edition, though, so don’t expect to purchase this holiday-themed treat year-round. Oreo Thins Extra Stuffed cookies will be a permanent addition to the Oreo portfolio, available nationwide beginning in January 2022.

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