The Oreo 'Cookie Club' Subscription of Your Dreams Is Now Available on Amazon

Courtesy of Oreo

There's a unique joy that comes from getting a package: Everything's a present if you have to open a box to get to it. Honestly, this joy is only rivaled by eating cookies as an adult. And what a wonderful world we live in that now we get to enjoy both simultaneously with this new Oreo subscription service.

It's appropriately called the Oreo Cookie Club Box and is available through Amazon. Each monthly shipment will include two Oreo flavors (including Oreo candy), some unique Oreo swag like a hat or a mug, and a recipe card.

You should know that this isn't exactly an economical way to buy Oreos. A 3-month subscription will run you $59.97, a 6-month subscription $119.94, and a year will cost $239.88. That means you'll be paying $20 per month/box no matter what. As Brand Eating points out, two packages of Oreos in a store will set you back roughly $6, so that $14 is going toward the gift, the recipe card, and your commitment to having cookies shipped to your place of residence.

This would probably make a nice surprise for a college freshman, but it also might be just the little boost you need to get through 2018.

h/tBrand Eating

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