These Oreo-Scented Candles Will Make Your Whole Room Smell Like Cookies

The holidays might be over but you can still treat yourself.

oreo scented candle
Photo courtesy of Oreo; Illustration by Maggie Rossetti

What's black and white and smelled all over? The official Oreo cookie-scented candle, of course.

Oreo's gift shop is full of branded goodies—cookie jars, leather totes, lip balms, you name it—but during these cozy months when sweet aromas are a necessity, it's the Oreo candle that has our attention.

The $12.99 candle carries an Oreo resemblance: The wax is colored like the sweet creme filling, surrounded by a blackish-brown glass container and topped with a chrome lid that's reminiscent of the foily inside of a plastic Oreo wrapper. In case those color choices weren't obvious enough, there's also an Oreo cookie emblem printed on the glass.

Oreo has given us plenty of reasons to get hyped this year, like the Chromatica-themed cookies and the Brookie-os, but it's nice to finally see a product that'll tantalize our senses for more than a few seconds.

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