Oreo Is Finally Making Gluten-Free Classic & Double Stuf Cookies

The cookies are set to hit store shelves in 2021.

Courtesy of Oreo

No one in this world—not even your worst enemy—should have to suffer through an Oreo-free existence. And while, sure, your gluten-challenged friends have got a few knock-off brand chocolate sandwich cookies at Whole Foods, nothing rivals the OG. 

Well, celiacs, time to rejoice: Oreo is finally delivering with a gluten free iteration of its classic cookie in both regular and Double Stuf varieties. Although you'll have to wait a bit longer, the GF debut is set to hit store aisles in early 2021 and will be joining the company's flavor portfolio permanently. 

"At Oreo, we take pride in regularly adding new choices and varieties based on what we’re hearing from our fans," a rep for the company told Thrillist via email. "Oreo is always looking to welcome more people to experience the playfulness of Oreo cookies. We have been planning the launch of our Gluten-Free cookies for some time and are excited to give more fans the opportunity to experience the playfulness of Oreo cookies beginning in January 2021."

Though deets remain somewhat limited, here's what we do know: Oreo has been hard at work mastering the recipe in pursuit of one that mirrors the gluten-filled experience—while still achieving that safe GFCO certification. In case you're unfamiliar, the certification provides added peace of mind that what you're consuming is, in fact, free of gluten and was handled in a way to avoid cross contamination.

"We made it our mission to ensure the new recipe delivered a comparable snacking experience to the original recipe, while meeting the needs of snackers with a gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivities as well as GFCO standards," the statement continued.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.