Oreo Is Unleashing Huge New Cookies With 4 Times the 'Stuf'

There is only one problem with Double Stuf Oreos: They don't have exactly double the stuffing. Finally, this oversight is being remedied with what, if not one of the greatest cookies of all time, is at least one of the most excessive.

Oreo is unleashing what it's calling Most Stuf Oreos. Junk Food Guy, which got an early look at the cookie, reports that it "sat almost 3/4-inch thick. The creme itself took up between 5/16 and 6/16 of an inch." That is to say, there is a lot of "stuf" -- you might even say, "the most stuf." It's all very literal. 

The cookies should be hitting shelves in "early 2019," according to an Oreo spokesperson. The previous largest Oreo was the Mega Stuf, which CNN reports had roughly 2.68 times the creme of a normal Oreo.

This is also in addition to the five other Oreo flavors that are set to debut by the end of 2019. And there's always the Swedish Fish Oreo.

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