2 Brand-New Oreo Flavors are Hitting Stores in January 2020

Courtesy of Oreo

I thought this was finally going to be the year I followed through on a New Year's resolution, but alas. Oreo is releasing new flavors -- in January, no less -- and I have zero self control. Don't even pretend like you're going to bother, either. We'll just reserve any health-related goals until at least February, OK? 

On Thursday, the classic cookie company announced the news of not one, but two new cookie flavors: Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow. The former has a caramel creme and real coconut bits while the latter has actual marshmallow pieces and a chocolate-marshmallow creme. All you clean eating freaks are over your kale chips now, huh? 

Courtesy of Oreo

While we wait for further deets from Ore0 -- like when in January? Will they launch nationwide? How long will they be available? etc. -- we should probably focus in on cracking those Mystery Oreos. Because ICYMI, we still don't know what the flavor actually is... and $50,000 is at stake.

In September, Nabisco released the elusive flavor with limited details, tasking us with a taste test worth a lot of cash. And while it's not exactly an easy endeavor (it could be so many things!), they'll literally pay you thousands upon thousands of dollars for eating cookies, so you might wanna get on that.

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 Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her @MegSchaltegger