Oreo Sushi is the Latest Food Trend Taking Over TikTok

Who says you can't have fun with your food?


TikTok was once just a fun way to wind down mindlessly. Now, it's an almost educational place where you can learn new things—especially when it comes to food.

Several food hacks and viral recipes were born on TikTok before making their way into kitchens around the world, from pancake cereal to whipped coffee.

The latest trend? Making Oreo sushi.

Before you get grossed out, this recipe in no way involves combining cookies and raw fish. In fact, Oreo sushi includes only two ingredients: Oreos and milk. However, this doesn't mean the recipe is simple—there's definitely some complex skill involved.

As reported by Taste of Home, to make Oreo sushi you have to first remove all the Oreo creme, then crush up the cookies and blend the crumbs with just enough milk to create a paste-like consistency.

Once that's done, you'll need to roll the cookie paste onto a flat surface and place it between two sheets of plastic wrap. Then, spread the creme filling on top, roll the whole thing into a log, cut it into small, bite-size circles and enjoy.

Like many internet trends, it's hard to say exactly who invented this one, though TikTok user @siennasweets_, a teen from Australia, is being credited for this brilliant treat by The Take Out.

In any case, this dessert is probably delicious and definitely creative, and though it's a bit tedious to make it requires minimal ingredients. Plus, whoever you serve it to will probably be impressed. 

You can have fun with this recipe too. If traditional Oreos aren't for you, you can swap out the age-old black and white cookies for some of the brand's other flavors. You can also add icing or a flavored drizzle to the outside to take your Oreo sushi up a notch presentation-wise. If you're gonna go for it, why not go all the way?

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