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Oreo's New 2020 Olympics Cookies Have Red, White, & Blue Creme

Published On 02/07/2020 Published On 02/07/2020
Courtesy of Nabisco
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🤪 N E W S T U F 🤪 Hello. Apologies for the lack of leaks. This time of year isn't as great and my secret elves are way too busy punching loving phrases into sugar hearts for Valentine's day to get me anything super groundbreaking. Coming soon is tiramisu Oreos and an Olympics themed oreo sporting three different color (yet regular flavor) cremes. Tiramisu has been shown yet I don't know if I've seen an in hand review, so here we are! Normal cookie, and a nice, spiced flavor profile from the tiramisu creme. I'm not a huge fan of the dessert, but the flavor profile is certainly unique to this cookie and doesn't taste too similar to any other Oreo in recent years. Definitely a plus! Tbe Olympic Oreos are standard, and have as much creme/calories as a mega stuf oreo, so nothing too groundbreaking -- though your tongue might change colors with this one 👀👅😛 Tiramisu comes up with a solid 🚨 7.4 🚨 from me. Solid cookie -- Nothing wrong with it. But for the love of God can we please bring back strawberry milkshake @oreo? Look for these soon! GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK! Let me know in the comments what you think it might be. My recent post(s) might give you a bit of a hint 😏 #RIPeanut

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