You Can Design Your Own Oreos With Customized Colors, Text, and Photos

Nothing says “I love you” like cookies with your face on them.


The holidays aren’t quite here yet, but it’s definitely time to start scouring the internet for gift ideas. Especially since you probably haven’t gotten to spend as much time as you would have liked with the people you love most. The only way to make up for that is custom cookies, of course.

While you can’t beat a classic Oreo, the sandwich cookie maker has been getting relatively daring with its look and flavor in recent years. Seasonal and limited-edition Oreos are hit or miss (never forget Swedish Fish Oreos), but we’ll do you one better: Oreo is offering completely customizable cookies this holiday season and they’re almost too good-looking to eat.

When you customize a pack of Oreos through OREOiD, you’ll be able to pick from eight different creme filling colors or go all in and select the “customize everything” option. With the former, you can choose from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, or white filling colors. You can get those in either 20 two-count packs of cookies at $2.50 each, five eight-count boxes for $8.95 each, or one set of 24 cookies for $19.95. 

If you want to kick the customization level up a notch and customize everything, you can choose the creme color, dip your cookies in white or classic fudge, add sprinkles, and/or add a photo or some text to your cookies. This option comes with a minimum order requirement of 20 one-count boxes, five four-count boxes, or one 12-count or 24-count box. Prices range from $2.50 to $52.95, but can you really put a price on eating the face of someone you love? 

We think not. 

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