Oreo Just Unleashed Huge New Cookies With 4 Times the Creme Filling

Oreo is finally giving the people what they want: More creme filling stuffed between their delicious chocolate cookies. Sure, the classic sandwich cookie purveyor's already got Double Stuf Oreos and Mega Stuf Oreos, but why stop there?

The company has introduced new Most Stuf Oreos, featuring the most creme filling Oreo has ever crammed between two cookies. Oreo’s Most Stuf cookies are now on shelves at retailers nationwide. Just in time for staying in (or being snowed in, depending where in the United States you are) on the couch.

Junk Food Guy was the first to get a glimpse at the overfilled Oreos back in November. At the time, the site reported that Most Stuf Oreos pack four times the creme; specifically, each of the huge cookies measures “sat almost ¾-inch thick” while the creme alone “took up between 5/16 and 6/16 of an inch.” We’re telling you this to say, in short, that Oreo may have finally nailed the cookie-to-creme ratio.

Before Most Stuf Oreos came around, Mega Stuf Oreos were the most filled Oreo you could get. Per a report from CNN, the creme-packed cookie had about 2.68 times the amount of filling of a normal Oreo. Most Stuf Oreos, however, blow those out of the water.

Unfortunately, Most Stuf Oreos won’t be around forever. They’re available and ready to dip in a big glass of milk for a limited time, so scoop them up while you can and savor every bite of each 110-calorie cookie before they're all gone.

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