People Are Selling Oreo's New Pokémon Cookies for Lots of Money on eBay

Catching 'em all could cost you.

Courtesy of Oreo
Courtesy of Oreo

Well, that didn't take long. Just days after Oreo started selling new, limited-edition Pokémon cookies, people are already listing packages—and in some cases, individual cookies—for well over the retail price on eBay.

The cookie company announced the launch of the new collaboration, which features Pokémon characters embossed on Oreo cookies with varying rarity, earlier this month. Customers could purchase a pack and keep track of which Pokémon they found, with some being common and others being hard to find, like Mew. Of course, a market for the rarest cookies quickly emerged on eBay with reports of some listed for up to $1,000. 

For background, Pokémon Oreos were released on September 8. Customers were able to preorder them online, but as notes, they were limited to three packages per customer. The cookies in each pack were put in at random, meaning no one was guaranteed to get every Pokémon in each pack. Characters like Pikachu were common, while characters like Mew were considered rare. There are 16 characters on the cookies in total, along with different package designs.

While a package of Oreos costs just a few dollars in stores, there are several full packages listed online for hundreds of dollars or more. The price varies depending on whether you're willing to go head-to-head in a bidding war over a package of cookies, or just want to "Buy it Now." In addition to the cookie packages, several people are selling single Oreos, mostly Mews. Prices on single cookies vary from $4.25 all the way up to $2,500 from what we saw as of Monday afternoon.

As outrageous as that may seem, people are buying both the packs and the single cookies. Not for the suggested prices, however. According to The Takeout, most resales are selling for between $10 and $15, which is still a lot of money for a mass-produced sandwich cookie.

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