Your Cat Can Help You Secure a Free $20,000 African Safari

Orijen Pet Foods wants to help you celebrate your kitty's epic origins.

Did you know that our sassy, emotive, occasionally-downright-rude kitties share 95% of their DNA with big cats, like those lions, tigers, and cheetahs we grew up watching on nature documentaries. It makes quite a bit of sense if you've ever been mauled by your cat while they were trying to capture your attention.

Fortunately, the benefits of that shared ancestry don't end with gouged skin. Orijen Pet Foods is celebrating its new line of wet cat food by offering one lucky winner the chance to plan their own African safari with a $20,000 stipend. Their reasoning for such a lavish prize? Big cats and the one sunning itself on your window sill right now both need high protein and hydration in their food. You know what? I'll take it.

To enter the contest, you need to be following Orijen on Instagram or go and like their page on Facebook. Then, you can comment on the sweepstakes post on either platform that you are following, and tag up to three people you'd want to bring on a safari with you. Make sure to use the hashtag #SweepstakesbyORIJEN to make sure your entry is eligible. The contest is only live until midnight on July 31, so make your way over to the page quickly.

There will be one grand prize winner, and an additional 40 winners that will win a Wisdom Panel DNA test for their pet and a donation to the Great Plains Foundation's Big Cats Initiative in their name. That's personally the most income my cat has ever even potentially generated!

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