This $25 Standup Desk Is So Brilliant, You'll Hate That You Didn't Invent It

Are you sitting down? No? Are you standing up? No? Wait, you read lying down? That's weird, but whatever. If you find yourself spending the preponderance of your time sitting or standing in front of a computer, however, the CEO of Hootsuite has a solution for your restless leg syndrome and back pain. And it doesn't involve social media.

Created by Hootsuite head-honcho Ryan Holmes and designers Steven Suchy and Nathan Martell, the Oristand offers you the flexibility of standing or sitting at your desk -- but without the exorbitant price tag of a normal sit-stand desk. Nope, this cardboard construction costs just $25. And hell, if you buy five, you'll get one of them free. It's like a RonCo infomercial, but for your office. Although those Showtime Grills make a helluva rotisserie chicken.

"Many companies want to provide stand up desks as an option to enhance the work environment and promote the overall health and well-being of employees, however cost is a big barrier,” Holmes told Vancity Buzz. “The investment is simply not feasible for many small-to-medium sized businesses. We wanted to create a product that would solve this problem for both companies and employees.”

According to Vancouver Is Cool, a multitude of employees at Hootsuite used their own version of an IKEA hack that combined an end table and a shelf to make their own "stand up" desks. Holmes himself used the hacked desk. But that's where the difference between a tech CEO and the rest of us kicked in -- Holmes decided to turn the hack into a legitimate business, cutting out all the glue, labor, and IKEA allen-wrench diagrams, instead crafting the whole rig out of cardboard. It's simple. And that's what makes it beautiful.

Now, anything made of cardboard won't last you a lifetime -- but you're probably not gonna stay at your current job for a lifetime. Likewise, the health benefits of stand-up desks are debatable. Still, it's only $25. That's less than two large pizzas in some places. Although, maybe you could make your own Oristand out of large pizza boxes...

The Oristand is available in white, black, or natural cardboard.

It will also make you feel stupid for not having invented it yourself.

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