It's More Expensive to Get an Uber Here Than at Any Other Airport in the Nation

Fees for travelers using ride-hailing apps at this popular airport will soon surge 20%.

Next time you're planning to get to or from Florida's Orlando International Airport via a ride-hailing app, it might be worth it to find an alternative way of transportation.

Airport officials just announced that the airport is increasing passenger pick-up fees for rideshares, which automatically make it the most expensive places in the country to take a ride-sharing service both to and from the airport. As Fox Orlando reports, the current pickup fee at the airport is $5.80, and it is expected to go up to $6.35 in August. That, sadly, isn't all—by October, the airport is planning to get it up to $7. In comparison, Uber told WESH that the pick-up fee at Tampa International Airport is $5. At Miami International Airport, instead, the fee is just $2.

That's a very steep 20% increase, and according to Uber, that's the highest fee of any airport the ride-hailing app operates. The company is now worried about the effects that the change could have both on passengers and drivers.

"It's a 20 percent increase," Uber spokesperson Javier Correoso told Fox Orlando. "This is going to have a negative impact on both Uber drivers and Uber riders because they're going to be paying more and that could have a negative impact on the earnings for drivers."

Airport officials are set on the new prices, and they are not willing to negotiate. According to them, the fee increase had already been approved by the authority board in September 2022, and the agreement was signed in July 2017.

"This is an issue that was negotiated and resolved when the operating agreement was signed in July of 2017, and we are not renegotiating it," Greater Orlando Aviation Authority CEO Kevin Thibault told Fox Orlando. "These fee increases were already approved by the authority board in September 2022 and there is no reason to bring them back to the board."

For now, other ride-hailing services like Lyft (to whom the price increase will still apply) haven't commented on the changes.

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