Oscar Mayer’s Bacon-Scented Shoelaces Will Give You the Sweet Smell of Breakfast

On your feet!

Oscar Mayer bacon and shoelaces designed to look like bacon.
Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer

Shoelaces are great at keeping (some) shoes on your feet, occasionally starring in grade school arts and crafts projects, and factoring into all of our MacGyver fantasies. But they typically smell of shoes at best and nothing at worst. Why not give them the intoxicating aroma of bacon, instead? Oh, it looks like Oscar Mayer did just that. And it isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke, we asked, okay?

There is a catch, though: You can’t just go out and buy these bacon scented shoelaces. But, from now through April 1, you can enter to win a pair by tweeting #OscarCookMyKicks and #Sweepstakes. 

“There are few things better than the delicious smell of freshly cooked Oscar Mayer bacon, but you shouldn’t have to turn on the stove to fill your nostrils with the heavenly scent,” Oscar Mayer’s associate director, Megan Lang, said in a statement. “We know bacon lovers can’t get enough of it, so we’ve created these bacon-scented laces to give fans the chance to carry their bacon love everywhere, whether they’re styling the hottest new sneakers or sizzling up an old pair of shoes.”

Oscar Mayer will begin selecting winners on April 2. It plans to award 1,500 pairs of its bacon scented laces. See the official contest rules here

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