Oscar Mayer Is Selling a Sheet Mask That Looks Like Bologna Sausage

The anti-inflammatory mask, created with Korean beauty giant Seoul Mamas, will boost hydration.

Courtesy of Oscar Mayer
Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

There are plenty of unique skincare hacks on the internet these days, but here's one that did not originate on your TikTok's For You Page: The Bologna Mask, which, yep, looks exactly like a slice of bologna that you can wear on your face. Because in an unexpected twist, Oscar Mayer is getting in on the beauty game with the release of its first-ever sheet mask. 

The cold cuts manufacturer is joining your nighttime skincare routine with a nostalgic nod to those childhood bologna face masks—tell me you didn't bite holes in a slice to make eyes and a mouth. This time, however, you can't actually eat the mask, despite the fact it looks just like the real thing, from the packaging down to the mask itself. 

"Oscar Mayer has a legacy bringing levity to things that have gotten too serious, and beauty is a ripe territory to playfully subvert," senior marketing analyst Lindsey Ressler said in a press release. "Inspired by those who used to playfully make masks out of their bologna as kids, this product was born as a modern-day way to spark smiles for fans of Oscar Mayer and beauty enthusiasts alike. This is the latest in our brand movement to create work that feels more like pop-art and less like traditional commercial advertising—inspired by the old, modernized for today." 

Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer has partnered up with Korean beauty and skincare giant Seoul Mamas to create the playful face mask. And despite the LOLs it may induce, it's not just a joke. The anti-inflammatory sheet mask boosts hydration, promotes skin elasticity, provides moisture retention, and protects skin. Translation: It actually works. 

The Oscar Mayer Bologna Sheet Masks will be available for a limited time on Amazon for $5.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.