That Oscar Fiasco Is a Meme Now

OScars Meme
ABC | Dustin Nelson

Many outrageous things happened at the 2017 Oscars. But the moment that will define this year's awards is undoubtedly the incredible mix-up during the Best Picture award presentation

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presented the award. After a little confusion, they announced La La Land had won Best Picture. It wasn't until after speeches began that producers informed the winners there had been a mistake. Moonlight was 2017's Best Picture. Oops.

But as they figured things out, no one stepped to the mic and fixed the situation. One of the "winners" had to do it. "This is not a joke," said a La La Land producer, holding up the Best Picture envelope that should have been read. It will live on as one of the most memorable things to ever happen during an Oscars broadcast. So, naturally, the moment instantly became a meme.

It was a weird way to end the show and it was really too bad that all the weirdness taking place on stage overshadowed Moonlight's moment in the sun and the speeches from the people who worked on and created that film. 

But also, Space Jam

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