Hungry Jaguar Attacks Dangerous Caiman in Intense ‘Our Planet’ Clip

In these uncertain times, it's normal to feel on-edge about life in general, uneasy about the future and what it might hold...

In these uncertain times, it's normal to feel on-edge about life in general. You can rest assured, though, that among the many things to worry about, a hungry jaguar pouncing out of nowhere is not one of them. That is, unless you're the unfortunate caiman -- a relative of alligators -- featured in a new clip from Our Planet

In this wildly dramatic clip, which comes courtesy of the new David Attenborough-narrated docu-series series on Netflix, the camera follows a jaguar on the hunt for a fresh meal along a calm jungle river bank. For a while it appears it has its sights set on some adorable capybaras (not shown), who ultimately prove a bit too wily and quick for it to catch. That's when it shifts its attention to some far more dangerous potential prey: a caiman.

As fearsome and skillful hunters as jaguars may be, picking a fight with a strong-jawed and toothy caiman is not something done without serious strategic forethought. In this case, the jaguar spots the poor sap it's going to go for and quietly stalks it from above for a few minutes, moving ever so slowly along an outstretched branch until it's in perfect position. Then, as soon as the caiman goes beneath the water, it goes in for the literal kill. 

As you can imagine, a battle between two apex predators is not a quiet or necessarily quick one, and it certainly isn't here. As soon as the jaguar attacks, the caiman starts rolling in an effort to drown its opponent, and the pair roil in the edges of the river for some time. However, the jaguar never lets up its grip, and after 20 minutes of tussling for their lives, the jaguar eventually wins out over the exhausted caiman.

So, hey, next time you're wondering why life has to be so brutal sometimes, just keep in mind things could be much, much worse.

Nature is metal, man.

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