The Average Time Most Americans Get to Work Is Pretty Surprising

Jobs are good. Most people need them to put money in the bank and food into their mouths. Typically, your job starts in the morning, falling between the hours of 9am and 5pm, unless your boss is a soulless rube.

But the United States is a country of 319 million people, boasting a workforce that cuts across all demographic and socioeconomic divides. So it’s worth asking: At what time do most of these worker-bees arrive at the office?

Enter Overflow Data, which crunched the numbers according to the most recent American Community Survey. Taking into consideration different business sectors -- including nonprofit, for-profit, and government sector work -- Overflow built a visualization according to different times of day, separated by 15-minute intervals. The visualization also factors in gender and data across all fifty states, tabulating what time people drag their bleary-eyed faces to work.

Somewhat unexpectedly, it turns out most American workers don’t show up to work at 9 am, but between 7:45 and 8:00, every morning. In total, 10,645,012 people across all the business sectors surveyed clock-in at this time. While most women across America get to work in that time slot, men occupy a different range. The data shows that most men gradually trickle into the workplace between 7:30 am and 8:14 am.

Alas, the findings don’t account for people who work at home. This obviously isn’t a complete data set, although it’s instructive to learn just how and when people get to work, and just how lazy you really are.

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