A Truck Full of Pigs Crashed & Turned This Highway Into a Petting Zoo

Commuters are all but numb to the myriad reasons for road congestion, from car wrecks and rubberneckers to construction and bad weather. But it's safe to assume none of the drivers cruising US-169 in Minnesota have ever encountered anything like what happened on Wednesday, when a truck hauling a bunch of pigs overturned and halted traffic... after more than a dozen sows went for a stroll along the interstate

The incident went down around 11am, when a semi carrying a load of live pigs veered off the offramp connecting highways 14 West with 169 South in Mankato, Minnesota, and crashed into a ditch. The accident allowed the livestock to easily exit the trailer they were being held in, and many of them did just that -- clomping along the road and into traffic while also roaming down the shoulders of the busy interstate. 

It's still unclear whether there were injuries to any humans or pigs at the scene, but it was a slow-go for drivers attempting to pass through the area as officials attempted to corral the pigs for some time. There's also no word on where the pigs were being transported to or from, but something tells us this may just be the perfect inspiration for another Babe sequel. 


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.