This Vodka Is Made with Actual Oysters & Is Perfect for Martinis

Get your booze and brine all in one bottle.

Courtesy of The Industrious Spirit Company
Courtesy of The Industrious Spirit Company

Vodka and oysters are already a popular pairing (I mean, hello, oyster shooters, anyone?), but for those looking to experience the booze and brine in new forms, you're in luck. The country's first oyster vodka is here, and it's the perfect upgrade for a dirty martini connoisseur. 

The Industrious Spirit Company, located in seafood mecca Providence, Rhode Island, has launched Ostreida oyster vodka, a first-of-its-kind liquor made from organic corn neutral spirit and local oysters. 

"It's delicious," Manya Rubinstein, co-founder and CEO of The Industrious Spirit Company, said, according to Food & Wine. "It reads like a dirty martini—the brininess comes through." 

It was actually just last year that the idea presented itself during a toast to the team's first year in business, which of course, included vodka cocktails and oysters at Matunuck Oyster Bar. Naturally, the booze maker thought to pair the two. 

Courtesy of The Industrious Spirit Company
Courtesy of The Industrious Spirits Company

"Our vision for our newest product was to create a perfect blend of land and sea, to capture the spirit of where we draw our energy from as a company operating out of the Ocean State," Rubinstein said in a press release. "We're thrilled to add the first vodka distilled with oysters to our roster of spirits, Ostreida brings a savory and briny seacoast minerality with a subtle hint of bivalve bouquet on the nose that mixes sublimely with our spirits' signature buttery texture and creamy finish."

While according to Rubinstein, you can sip on the Ostreida straight over ice, bar manager for the company Andrew Kientz has also whipped up a few recipes to pair with your oyster vodka—including Pearl, a vodka martini created with wine vinegar mignonette, toasted cracked peppercorn, and cocktail onions. My personal recommendation? A Bloody Mary with all the toppings.

The Ostreida is currently available for purchase in Rhode Island only, but has plans for expansion. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.