This Cat's Deep Love for Peaches Is the Most Beautiful Thing on the Internet

If you're feeling like your time on the internet lately has basically been a death spiral of negativity, that's understandable. But it likely means you haven't been introduced to Ozzy the peach-loving cat. Ozzy is the opposite of a death spiral of negativity -- maybe a lifeline of positivity? Hard to say, but the point is, read about this cat and you'll be in a good mood.

Twitter user Lydia Coutré introduced the world to Ozzy last Wednesday with a charming post that outlined his unlikely infatuation with peaches. Not in like a Call Me by Your Name way -- this isn't that kind of article. He just really really really likes the fuzzy fruit.

Coutré followed up on her original post with some clarifications, the most important among them being: "He doesn’t eat the peaches. He just guards them and cuddles with them."

Who among us couldn't use a protector like Ozzy, to guard and cuddle us as we sit atop the newspaper?

Clearly the internet was thrilled to learn about Ozzy's passion and had a few follow-up questions. And an insatiable demand for more peach-cat content.

The internet even gave back with an original painting depicting the wholesome relationship between feline and fruit. 

And a few people even shared pictures and stories of their own pets' devotions to food.

And Coutré felt like the whole thing was fairly representative of life on the internet these days, the good and the bad. 

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