This Guy Destroys a 3-Foot Burrito in Record Time

Published On 12/07/2016 Published On 12/07/2016

Last week, the disgustingly enormous "Anaconda Burrito" took the internet by storm. The beast that would no doubt scare the hell out of Ice Cube and J.Lo is a three-foot, five-and-a-half-pound monster created by Taqueria Yarelis in Fresno, California. No one had ever finished one before. 

That's what led competitive eater Pablo Martinez — ranked no. 18 in the world by Major League Eating — to give the Anaconda a go. The snake exterminator says burritos are his specialty.

Hey. Burritos are everyone's specialty. They're delicious. Everyone loves burritos. Everyone. 

Martinez takes on the burrito that the employees of Taqueria Yarelis feel confident no one can finish. He's so confident he can put the anaconda out of its misery that he times himself and puts it down in 13 minutes and eight seconds.

Above is the video posted to Facebook last week by the Taqueria. It's a testament to our collective burrito love that a video of nothing more than someone making a burrito can rack up 17 million views. 

Viva nuestro amor de burritos.

h/t Foodbeast

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