You Can Get Paid $1,500 to Take Naps

Get a little cash for doing what you were already doing.

paid to nap
Shutterstock/ fizkes
Shutterstock/ fizkes

The appeal of short-term gigs, which are frequently labeled "dream jobs," is the opportunity to either get paid a little to do something you like doing or for doing something you already do. You can probably check both of those boxes with this one, a short-term gig that involves actual dreaming.

The pay won't change your life, but a mattress review and wellness site is looking for five people who want to get paid to take naps. Those five professional nappers will make $1,500 for their services. Of course, companies offer these kinds of gigs for a little promotion. It's not really a career path. Still, eachnight is going to pay five people to just take some naps. That's probably $1,500 more than you've ever made for napping.

The company says it wants to "test theories behind the pros and cons of napping, including effects on memory, motivation, and productivity, as well as overall fatigue."

The "Nap Reviewers" need to be able to sleep alone during the testing period. The application also says that they're looking for candidates with "strong English writing skills" and who will "accurately carry out instructions." The tests will run over the course of 30 days and look at a number of variables such as "the best nap duration for feeling refreshed, the effects of napping on overall levels of fatigue, and the effects of napping on memory, motivation and productivity."

The application for the short-term gig will close up on May 31. This is your opportunity to show your parents that you really were preparing for your future when you slept through classes.

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