Panda Express Dropped an Online Arcade Game & Playing It Can Win You Free Food

Panda Express is celebrating the Lunar New Year with its Good Fortune Arcade, a game that offers customers a shot at winning food deals.

The Lunar New Year is almost here and Panda Express is celebrating in a big way. Not only did it bring back a $29 Family Meal Deal that includes extra-large portions, it just dropped an online game called Good Fortune Arcade, which allows customers to unlock major online deals.

The Good Fortune Arcade is inspired by the retro games you may have grown up playing. It's meant to inspire a feeling of nostalgia, while also educating customers about aspects of the Lunar New Year and treating them to tasty deals. The game features four different levels, throughout which players will have to try and catch Nian, the legendary monster behind the origins of the Lunar New Year. According to legend, Nian is a horned beast that lives in the ocean but comes out to eat people and their livestock on the last day of the lunar year.

In the game, Nian steals lucky foods. Players have to try and get them back, collecting more along the way while dodging obstacles.

These are the deals you can unlock:

  • Level 1: $3 off Family Meal purchase
  • Level 2: Free premium upgrade with the purchase of a bowl, plate, or bigger plate
  • Level 3: Free 3rd entree with the purchase of a Bigger Plate
  • Level 4: Free additional large side with family meal purchase

Once unlocked, codes can be redeemed through online orders and in the app through February 28.

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