Panda Express Already Sold Out of Plant-Based Orange Chicken at Several Locations

It only took two weeks.

Courtesy of Panda Express

Plenty of Californians love Panda Express and vegan food. So, naturally, when the chain introduced its new, plant-based Beyond the Original Orange Chicken, there was some excitement. A lot of excitement, actually. On the first day alone, Panda Express sold more than 1,300 pounds of vegan orange chicken at ten locations. In less than two weeks, the meatless orange chicken was sold out in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for the chain confirmed the menu item is sold out when reached via email on Monday.

“We are thrilled with the positive guest response around Beyond The Original Orange Chicken and are humbled to share that our SoCal restaurants sold out in less than just two weeks,” the rep said. “The excitement from our guests is unparalleled, and it’s one of our most successful regional launches to date at Panda.”

The Original Orange Chicken is Panda Express’s most popular menu item, responsible for about one-third of the company’s sales. The chain is still deciding on whether or not the vegan version of the item, which is the first product collaboration on the Panda Express menu, will be rolled out nationally. For now, NYC fans can head to a select few locations to try the sought-out vegan orange chicken themselves. For everyone else, we’ll let you know when this coveted menu item is available again.

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