Panera Made 'Bread Bowl Gloves' to Warm Up Iced Coffee Drinkers' Freezing Hands

They're limited edition—only 450 exist.

Panera Bread Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Gloves
Courtesy of Panera
Courtesy of Panera

Every year between the months of October and March, iced coffee fans face a tough dilemma: To freeze, or not to freeze? Carrying a cold drink in the dead of winter is never ideal, but for those of us who just can't get behind hot coffee, it's a necessary move. Thankfully, Panera gets it, which is why the bakery-cafe chain is giving away free Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Gloves that'll hold your iced coffee and keep your hand warm.

The gloves are exactly how they sound—they look like Panera's signature sourdough bread bowls, but instead of putting soup in the hole on top, you can stick your iced drink in it. It's a cup holder, hand warmer, and fashion statement, all in one. No, they are not made out of actual bread.

"Even in the thick of winter, iced coffee drinkers are a dedicated crew who don't let the dropping temperatures get in the way of their daily iced brew fix," Panera said in a press release. "In fact, 78% of Americans claim that the cold weather does not stop them from drinking iced coffee according to a new survey by Panera Bread."

While the Bread Bowl Gloves are free, only 450 were manufactured, making them truly limited edition. To claim one, you'll want to go to the Iced & Toasty website ASAP and hope there are still some left.

Bless you, Panera, for understanding the struggle and finding a way to work bread bowls into the solution.

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