Panera Is Giving Away a Year's Supply of Mac 'n Cheese

That's a lot of mac & cheese.

Courtesy of Panera

Last week, McDonald's gave the gift of a lifetime: Free fries forever in celebration of its new rewards program.

Panera is following suit with a sweepstakes of its own. MyPanera members will a have one-day chance to score a year's worth of Panera's fan-favorite mac & cheese. 

On July 14 and only on July 14, Panera will be selecting 15 winners—10 from Instagram and Twitter and five from TikTok—that will snag 365 days of warm, cheesy perfection as part of its limited-edition Mac & Cheese Subscription. 

Here's how to enter. If you're going the Twitter/Instagram route, just post a picture or video with #12MonthsofMac, #sweepstakes, and @panerabread—but get creative with it. The bread bowl maker wants to award a real mac & cheese fan, so show off what makes you number one. A cheesy tattoo, pets of the same name, maybe an original cheese-themed song or dance. 

If you enter using TikTok, you'll have a bit of a different challenge. Here, you'll have to use the duet feature with Panera's original video—along with #SayMacandCheese, #Sweepstakes, and @panerabread—while you say "mac & cheese" more than 40 times in 20 seconds. Start practicing and shoot that content, kids. Today is the one and only day to enter, which figures considering it's National Mac and Cheese Day

Of course, if you aren't one of the lucky few selected there is a consolation of sorts. Anyone and everyone can at least get in on the café chain's coffee subscription. So while you'll have to spring for your mac, at least Panera has got you covered on the caffeine front. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.